7th Nov, 2011

E1 buoy recovery

Today marks the 235th day of the E1 buoy being continuously in the field and, more importantly, sending back data.  Quest, Sepia and Explorer are on their way out there to recover the E1 buoy before the onset of winter.  Opportunities like this are few and far between at a distance of 20 miles from the shore.  The operating plan is to exchange the E1 and L4 buoys over; the L4 buoy has been out of operation for nearly a month now with suspected power problems.  L4 will therefore be brought back to shore while the “E1” buoy will start on day 236 of continual operation.  It is hoped we can repeat the feat of last year: continuous, through the winter operation at L4.

If you are logging on today to read this post (7th November) you can watch the progress of the 3 boats at:


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