20th May, 2008

Testing … testing … 1-2-3 testing

Chris Gallienne is on the RV Quest today testing the quality (shape of the “lobe”) of the radio modems. This requires several pieces of the jigsaw: I am logged onto the Rame Head linux box and am sending a continuous message of:

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” (!!!!)

Chris is receiving this message on the boat. Where the message starts to lose characters, defines the edge of the lobe. Once at E1, we will attempt to talk to each other (outside of mobile range so we will have to rely on the radio-modem “texting” – like the good old days).

Hopefully all will go well … otherwise we have to go back to the drawing board.


The signal was received at E1 – now to look at the shape of the lobe on the way back in via L4

This is great news. Was the signal at E1 received cleanly? I assume that there may be some dependency on atmospheric and weather conditions that may affect the radio lobe?

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