23rd May, 2008

a successful week – but …

This week has seen a great deal of progress with the buoys. There was the successful testing of the radio-comms by Chris at Rame Head on Monday and then out on the boats at E1 on Tuesday – where we realised things were going to work better than we thought.

All of the comms masts and instruments on the top of the buoy are in place as is the box in position on the L4 buoy (last to be put together). We took the decision yesterday to go for a linux operating system (hurrah) on the buoy controls. All the instruments and wires are in place and Ken and Tony have done sterling work with replacing the securing nuts with nylocks and the sacrificial anodes from MGDuff (took ages to get that order).

However, given next week is a short week (hols Mon and Tuesday) and I will be at NOCS on Weds, Thurs we have decided that we haven’t given ourselves enough time to thoroughly test the systems. Therefore we will now be deploying the buoys on Thursday 12th June … so close, yet so far.

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