22nd Jun, 2009

Early summer zooplankton at L4

Observations by Dave Conway last week:
“It seems to be quite a “jelly” year. We had large numbers of the ctenophore Pleurobrachia for a few weeks, but now we have massive numbers of the small hydroidomedusae Lizzia blondina and also high numbers of the siphonophore Muggiaea atlantica. With the recent sightings of large numbers of the ‘by the wind sailor’, Velella, at the surface, it is surprising there are any copepods left!”


Actually, we had only very few copepods in this week’s live samples (however many Calanus), plus quite a few brachiuran larvae, but not much else. I’m missing Temora longicornis for a few weeks now (very few live individuals), are they always rare in the summer at L4?

Reply by Dave Conway:
“It was the same last year with Temora, there were more later in the year. The numbers of Paracalanus and Pseudocalanus were also low this week.”

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