1st Sep, 2009

E1 buoy launched – 5th August 2009

This is a bit of a belated blog regarding the launch of the E1 databuoy on 5th August.

The deployment was carried out in two separate sections.  The first leg and buoy were deployed first – leaving Sutton Harbour at around 07.00 BST and arriving at E1 around 12.00 BST.  You often feel as if your life has come to an end when travelling on Quest at that speed (around 5 knots!)

We then returned with the second anchor clump (as Quest cannot manage both sets of weights) to complete the configuration around 18.00 BST with only a 40 minute tying of the ends together.  This meant that John Stephens and I were despatched into the RIB to tie up shackles on quite a rocky buoy (one of the calmer days of summer 2009).

Again the professionalism and expertise of the crew and scientists was exemplary.  Thanks to Norman (soon to retire), Andy Perkin, Jim S., James and John S. for all their help.

Unfortunately there is a problem with communications – which Chris Gallienne went to investigate the following week.  There is no live feed as yet – which is a little frustrating – but at least things are progressing.  What is life if we don’t have a few problems to contend with along the way!


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