17th Sep, 2009

WCO gets a facelift from space

The Western Channel Observatory home page now includes near-real time Earth observation maps of the wider region. These are the latest daily composites of EO data for:

  • Chlorophyll-a concentration, from Aqua-MODIS using the OC5 algorithm suited to turbid shelf seas.
  • Enhanced colour, from Aqua-MODIS, highlights the blue-green part of the visible spectrum.
  • Sea-surface temperature, from AVHRR (NB the colour scale is different from each day to highlight features).

You can click on one of the thumbnail images to explore full-size products of that type from the last 7 days, together with a 7-day composite. Or click the ‘Compare latest EO products’ to try our new FlexiView web tool, allowing you to choose any 8 from the dozens of EO products available, and watch these change as you step backwards and forwards in time.


Hi Peter, I like the FlexiView product, it’s a good way to see how the different algorithms compare,
cheers, Rodney

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