28th May, 2010

E1 buoy deployment – and strong tides

Despite valiant efforts yesterday (27/5) the E1 buoy didn’t make it to full deployment.  The tides were too strong for putting the buoy securely on the moorings and a decision was made to abort and wait for the good-weather, neap-tide combination.  One good thing came out of the tow all the way out to E1 – the AIS has been checked and we now have reception all of the way out to the position of E1 – giving us security in knowing the buoy is in the correct position.  This is something we have not been certain of before.

L4 data is now being received from the roof of PML – and we are hoping to do the same for E1.  This will mean a trip up to the roof to check on things rather than wrestling with summer traffic across the Torpoint ferry.


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