27th Oct, 2011

Underway Sampling on board the Plymouth Quest

Most people will be aware that the Plymouth Quest is fitted out with a comprehensive suite of scientific sensors.  These are measuring the following parameters every 10 seconds whist the vessel is underway: sea temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, attenuation, chlorophyll a fluorescence, turbidity, coloured dissolved organic matter (CDOM), Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), air temperature, wind speed and direction and ships track (GPS).  All this data is displayed in real time on two monitors on the vessel, one in the wheel house and a weather proof one on deck.  This is intended to give those on board an overview of how representative the water mass they are sampling in is as well as being useful for bloom and front detection.  The data is also sent to PML where it is made available via the observatory website in a Google earth format.

Underway Sea Water sensors

Sea Water Temperature transect to E1


If you have any questions or your work would benefit from this dataset then please don’t hesitate to ask.

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