2nd Nov, 2011

Feature Article in the October issue of Sea Technology Magazine

I was approached in July of this year by the editor of the Sea Technology magazine to write a feature article for the October issue.  This was based on a talk I gave at the Oceanology 2010 conference, which the editor had attended.  The article addresses the buoy project with specific reference to the technological development and successes of the systems we have produced here at PML. 

For more than 47 years, Sea Technology has been the ocean/marine industry’s consistently recognized authority for ocean design, engineering and application of equipment and services in the global ocean community.  It is the one and only monthly magazine proudly serving this multibillion dollar marketplace.  It has more domestic and worldwide “buying power” readers than any other magazine in its field with a distribution in over 110 countries.

If anybody wishes to read this article a copy of the sea technology magazine is available in the coffee room at PML, I also have the article in pdf format if you would prefer. 


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