3rd Apr, 2012

L4 zooplankton – winter 2011 into spring 2012

Latest from the zooplankton group (Rachel Harmer and Andrea McEvoy)

From the beginning of Sep there was a steady decline in total zooplankton which remained low for the winter, but now with the spring bloom, numbers have shot up.

Winter saw high numbers of the cnidarians Solmaris corona and Liriope tetraphylla. Small copepods such as Clausocalanus, Paracalanus and Ctenocalanus were present along with the larger oceanic copepod Paraeuchaeta hebes

Since the arrival of the spring bloom total zooplankton has increased, several meroplanktonic taxa have been abundant. Crab larvae, especially the velvet swimming crab are common. Polychaete worm larvae, and barnacle larvae have shown particularly high peaks, (Polychaetes highest number recorded over whole time series in fact!) .

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