3rd Apr, 2012

WCO benthic sampling – September 2011 – March 2012

L4 and Rame benthos were unable to be sampled during September 2011 on account of the strong winds during that month, however we managed to collect faunal samples in October, but were unable to collect the samples for chemical analysis.  Bioturbation samples were taken from Cawsand but not from L4 due to weather conditions.

During January 2012 L4 was sampled for nitrification, de-nitrification, alkalinity, water column nutrients, nutrient fluxes and bacteria, sediment grain size, CHN, sediment temperature, bacteria, primary production, nitrous oxide, methane, fauna and bioturbation.  Cawsand, Jennycliff and Rame were sampled for redox, fauna, bacteria, sediment grain size and CHN.

The next sampling trip will be in May to L4.

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