6th Jun, 2013

Teeming with Ctenophores

Embarking on a kayak trip yesterday evening (5th June) from the River Yealm, Phaeocystis colonies were really evident in the surface water by the harbour office. They were not alone, however, as the water was also teeming with a great many ctenophores, ranging from about 1 – 6 cm in length. This combination of Phaeocystis and ctenophores was observed continuously at the surface down to the river mouth and then 4 miles along the coast to the east in Stoke Bay. This contrasts with station L4 this week where surface water and down to 10 m were observed to be clear (and there were very few single cells observed using flow cytometry) but water samples from 25 and 50 m were observed to have 100s of Phaeocystis colonies per 500 mL and 1000s of single cells per millilitre.

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