20th May, 2014

The Paeocystis is back……………again

This time last year I posted a blog titled, “It’s Phaeocystis time again”. Well, they’re back and it’s exactly the same scenario as last year: timing of the bloom, presence of both P. globosa and P. pouchetii and large numbers of single cells (>25,000 per mL), particularly at 25 and 50 m depth, indicating the sinking and breaking up of colonies. This gets reflected in the fluorescence profile from the CTD, which changes from being a well defined line to a widely spaced cluster of data points which broadens with depth (check out the L4 CTD profile for 19 May 2014). There are still large numbers of colonies at the surface though. Coastal waters around Plymouth are looking a greeny brown colour and, on Sunday whilst out gig rowing between the River Yealm and the Mewstone off Wembury Point near Plymouth it was possible to see individual colonies floating in a cupped handful of seawater.

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