8th Feb, 2017

Zooplankton observations from 2016

The following from Andrea McEvoy:

100 zooplankton samples were taken and analysed which represents 50 time points for the year.

January 2016 saw the appearance of many mystery fibres at L4. Pennie and Maddie also sampled them at various points around the Sound and in the Plym. I think Alice (Pennie’s student) traced them down to be linen.

Unusual entoproct larvae appeared in Dec 2015 and throughout Jan/Feb 2016. They are tiny sessile solitary or colonial organisms. They are not well studied. They have been seen at L4 and at Milbay Marina before but have not been formally recorded in the database before.

Bolinopsis(Ctenophore) appeared in June, this was a new record for the L4 database as was Proboscidactyla stellate(Hydrozoa).

Bolinopsis probably wasn’t noted before because it is very fragile and breaks up easily during sampling.

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