5th May, 2017

Phaeocystis bloom at E1 and L4

The annual bloom of Phaeocystis is well underway with concentrations 4 times higher at E1 (ca. 200 cells per mL recorded by Glen Tarran using flow cytometry) than at L4 (ca. 500 cells per mL) with both sites showing even distribution throughout the water column. A diverse mix of diatoms still thrive at both sites with the colony-forming species Chaeotoceros socialis dominating. This is not unexpected expected as C. socialis often co-occurs with Phaeoctistis blooms in the western English Channel.
PhD student Rachel Coppock also noted from the coarse net tows a distinct lack of Calanus at L4, while E1 was absolutely teeming with mature Calanus.

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