Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the western English Channel with our live webcam feeds, providing real-time views of this dynamic marine environment.

Plymouth Marine Laboratory Webcam

Coordinates: 50.36°N, 4.14°W
Live view from the roof of Plymouth Marine Laboratory.

View PML Webcam

Rame Head Webcam

Coordinates: 50.311°N 4.223°W
Live view from Rame Head, Cornwall

View Rame Head Webcam

Penlee Webcam

Coordinates: 50.318°N, 4.189°W
Live view from Penlee Point Atmospheric Observatory

View Penlee Webcam

Penlee Webcam
Penlee Webcam

L4 Webcam*

Coordinates: 50.25°N; 4.22°W
A webcam on the L4 buoy

*The L4 buoy recovered for winter maintenance following summer trials.

The WCO is a partnership between Plymouth Marine Laboratory and The Marine Biological Association.